Project Management

So you want to be a Project Manager?

Join an innovative professional project management training course designed to cover the realities of running projects for yourself or customers.

What we offer

Open Course training

We offer classroom sessions during weekday evenings and weekends in English located on the Dzierzoniow Rynek. The ideal group size is 6 students who wish to be trained on the fundamentals of Project Management along with obtaining tips and techniques necessary to run your projects successfully or rescue an existing project that is in trouble.

For those already involved in projects, the teacher will leverage your current challenges to provide clear guidance on how best to move forwards.

Bespoke training for individual businesses

For businesses, we can offer a customized training course tailored to meet the specific needs identified during consultation meetings. This training can take place at the companies offices or at our premises located on the Dzierzoniow Rynek.

If you are interested, please contact us to discuss an initial meeting to discuss how we can help you.

Course Curriculum

1. History & Background

Cover the history of Project Management, what actually is a project and an introduction to the variety of project management methodologies available in the modern era.

1 x 2 hours session

2. Initiating a project

How to initiate a project, applying best practices and critical activities to allow your company or project be a success right from the beginning.

2 x 2 hour sessions

3. Scope, Schedule & Budget

How to define the scope of your project, plan out the schedule of activities and estimate the projected budget requirements of your project.

2 x 2 hour sessions

4. Issue & Risk management

The identification and management of risks and issues before the project starts, during the project and those that remain after the project has finished.

2 x 2 hour sessions

5. Project governance

What you need to do throughout the project to ensure key stakeholders, project members and any 3rd parties are provided with the right information at the right time.

2 x 2 hour sessions

6. Key Lessons

Tips, techniques and best practices along with tried & trusted techniques will be shared throughout the entire curriculum however these sessions will focus on a recap and cover advanced topics.

2 x 2 hour sessions


Attendees should be proficient in English

Students are encouraged to bring their laptops to carry out exercises